How A Small Group Of Volunteers Can Create Lasting World Peace Without Politics, Wars, Or Violence In Their Spare Time

World Healing Circles – Create World Peace Introduction


How A Small Group Of Volunteers Can Create Lasting World Peace Without Politics, Wars, Or Violence In Their Spare Time

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Why so much info?



1. I had to do a lot of research and reading before I believed the results… You may need the same information and sources that you can check for yourself before you are convinced the possibilities are worth testing…


2. Then my mind began to explore…
* What this could mean?
* Why did violence go back up after the meditators quit?
* Why did the project stall?
* How could we do it better, faster, more effectively, and with a lot, lot, lot less money? And do a lot, lot, lot more… 
* How else could we use what we can create to help us help and heal each other?

3. Then I began to think about what other research results support innovations we can use to create World Peace, Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility, & Help Heal Each Other…

This took me longer than plopping up one 12 minute video. These videos tell what I had to explore to launch this project. You may need less or more. These videos should get you started.
I need your help to test our claims for yourself, to like our pages, and share our information with your family, friends, and networks.
Help us reach a tipping point to change our worlds.

World Healing Circles Part 1 – Create World Peace

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World Healing Circles Part 2 – Create World Peace

World Healing Circles Part 3 – Create World Peace

World Healing Circles Part 4 – Create World Peace

World Healing Circles Part 5 – Create World Peace

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This Is a Good Way to Start! LifeTime MembershipThis Is a Good Way to Start! LifeTime Membership

This next video is an example of how our future projects will be added. This one is How to Help & Heal Our Honey Bees…

Coming Soon

If you’ve ever noticed that politics don’t work and you’re looking for almost anything besides politicians to create lasting world peace, our presentation was created for you.

As you’ve probably realized, it’s the politicians and political elite who profit from wars and get us into them. Their method of getting out is generally destroying another country or losing so much they can no longer get people to tolerate their continuing stupidity of killing others and destroying their communities.

Politicians are almost never the best solution to problems caused by politicians.

Learn more about an alternative pathway for world peace, healing each other, and a bonus of protecting ourselves from an overload of EMF Radiation using a solution where the few can heal the fear and hate of the many…

Let’s do a quick look at the bad news about EMF… Later we’ll explore:

  • There is Good EMF as well as Bad EMF…
  • The benefits of our EMF protection…
  • How we can convert Bad EMF to Good EMF…
  • How we can use EMF to Heal Each Other…
  • How we can use EMF to create Lasting World Peace…

Who Else Wants World Peace & Hates Politics?

Video Part 1  – (At the top of the page) Proof that violence, war & acts of terrorism can be reduced without politics, violence, war, acts of terrorism, or waiting until we get everyone to agree…

Video Part 2 – Quick Demonstration on how to Self Test for the Negative Effects of EMF & How to Neutralize Bad EMF. (Not all EMF is bad. Your heart & mind both broadcast Good EMF.)

This opens in a new window. Watch the video or read the page then hust close the window to return here…

Video Part 3 – What other discoveries have been made that prove our power to create change with small numbers?

Video Part 4 – How we can do more with less by Using Weird & Wonderful Technologies with Our Entangled Intentions to create World Peace, Help Each Other, Heal Each Other, Heal Our Honey Bees, Convert Health Harmful EMF to Healthy and Healing EMF, Create Abundance, Life Extension, and other big problems that we can transform…

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WHC will train you in how to use open source PIPS to activate your natural healing processes in yourself and others… Then each of us will contribute to making them work better, faster, and easier for everyone.

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Choose the Orange “Select” Button for a Lifetime Membership Price of $27 – Limited Time Early Bird Offer $9.95… Help our Healing Circles Grow…

This Is a Good Way to Start! LifeTime Membership
This Is a Good Way to Start! LifeTime Membership
Thanks to Hartwig HKD for graciously allowing WHC to use his art… Hartwig Kopp-Delaney – “Art of Healing”