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Applied Kinesiology | Muscle Testing | Dr. Bradley Nelson

Dr. Bradley Nelson | Applied Kinesiology | Muscle Testing

Applied Kinesiology | Muscle Testing | Dr. Bradley Nelson… This is an excellent demonstration of Inner Wisdom Accessing Techniques you can learn to use by yourself.

These techniques are easy to learn. Duplicate the actions as you watch. I recommend you stop and start to play with what you learn as you learn it. You learn faster and more completely by doing instead of just watching to try it later. Do it now.

New Improved – How To Use Applied Kinesiology (AK)  – Free Training

Dr. Bradley Nelson does an excellent job of providing easy to follow, easy to learn and easy to apply methods to tap into your resources that are outside of your conscious awareness.

Applied Kinesiology also called Muscle Testing allows you to tap into your vast pool of accumulated knowledge outside of your conscious awareness.  Every book, training program, magazine article, educational show and more you have ever read or heard is inside you and outside of your awareness.  This is a tool that can tap your own internal vast reservoirs and more.

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Energy Healing | Dr. Bradley Nelson | Applied Kinesiology | Muscle Testing

In this webinar we will be focusing on some exciting techniques to get the most out of muscle testing:

  • Learn how simple muscle tests can uncover hidden allergies, vitamin deficiencies, and nutritional imbalances in a matter of seconds.
  • The wrong way to muscle test. Don’t make these common mistakes that will hamper your ability to get answers from the body.
  • Discover the secret to determine the exact type and dosage of the supplements and herbs that your body needs….yes your body knows exactly what it needs and how much it needs!
  • Watch live demonstrations of the simple but incredibly powerful “Mind Map System” that combines the power of muscle testing with the “computer” inside your body.
  • Join in and get your questions answered as you “explore your health” in ways you have only imagined up until now.
  • PLUS: Learn how to do it the right way – Simple tips to help you get clear answers from all your muscle testing.

Click here> Watch This Video > Learn & Explore How to Do Applied Kinesiology


I prefer the term Applied Kinesiology: because, there are many ways to use AK without testing the muscles.

Energy Healing | Dr. Bradey Nelson | Applied Kinesiology | Muscle Testing…  Almost any Energy Healing method will work for you. And AK will help you use whatever method you choose.

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