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Applied Kinesiology “Mysterious Testing Tool…

Applied Kinesiology – “Mysterious Testing Tool…


If you don’t use Applied Kinesiology (AK), it’s worth a little play time to learn how.

You can use AK to tap into your knowledge that is outside of your awareness – and that’s most of what we know.

You can use AK to guide food choices, protect yourself from toxins, and ask a host of questions of your highest, best self.  Start with your Power of Intention, that you want guidance from your highest best self or in and through all of the names of love.


Warning – Some of you may have seen or heard that Applied Kinesiology is fake…

There are a number of presentations on the internet with demonstrations where the presenters cheat in some manner.  They use distraction, misdirection, and maybe collaboration.

Since most AK is taught to the audience to select their own partner to do their own testing and since many methods are self-test methods… Why in Hell would you or I and the others who use these method for ourselves, attempt to deceive ourselves?  

These debunking presentations are done by people who call themselves skeptics… As a group they tend to be above average in intelligence and totally blind to their own own prejudices and shortcomings.

Some are probably being paid or in some other manner rewarded for their skepticism by cash rich drug companies through grants and/or advertising revenues on their websites.  Some just follow the skeptic crowd.

Why would mainstream medical encourage the skeptic cult?  Because skeptics attack AK, which is used extensively to help people explore alternative healing and the use of nutrition and other healthy lifestyle choices as alternatives to drugs and other mainstream medical choices.

As a group they are rarely skeptical of anything to do with the monopolies, cartels and politicians who would take every penny, feed us addicting drugs, and then run our lives.

This demonstration teaches you how to test for EMF using 3 kinesiology techniques…
There are more demonstrations and explanations for you that follow this one. Find one that works well for you.

Note: In the Tin Soldier portion of the demonstration above, her feet were too far apart.  Feet should be together for best results using this test.


Learn the basics of Applied Kinesiology.  It only takes a few minutes.  You get better with time and use.  Learn it.  Use it.  Decide for yourself if it is a worthwhile tool.

You should find the links below helpful.

This is by Dr. Bradley Nelson, Discoverer of The Emotion Codes –

I enjoyed this presentation.  He does a very good overview with a variety of methods for testing yourself and others.  You can stop and start this presentation.  It is about 90 minutes in length.  There are much shorter options below.  It’s worth your time to learn more about this valuable tool.


To learn more about the Emotion Codes, or to order his Healing System, this is our affiliate link, click here:



These next 2 are about 4 minutes total and we use them a lot to demonstrate balance and that our member cards can strengthen your sense of balance.  They are using the same technology we use on our member cards.

They are a multi-level marketing company.  I was a participant at one time; but, generally MLM’s are extremely hard work for little reward if the product is not a consumable.

Our Member Cards, Frequency Shields and Lasers work as well as their’s without the hassle of joining a multi-level marketing company.  We also offer our members a 2 tier affiliate program.

If you’re a big fan of MLM’s that don’t have consumable products, their products are good.

‘Toy Soldier’ Balance Test 1

‘Toy Soldier’ Balance Test 2

Here’s a presentation using muscle testing to show some of the physical effects of using a cell phone.


​The rest of these are self-testing techniques.  Most people will find a technique they can use immediately.  If not they are easy to learn with a little practice.  Choose the one that appeals most to you.


 Muscle Testing Video  about 1 minute


Food Intolerance Testing at Home – Sticky Fingers Testing 




Testing Human Energy – Unfortunately, this video has been taken down.  I left the information below; because, it provides some ideas for you to investigate on your own.   In this demonstration they made a circle with thumb and 3rd finger and then tested breaking through the circle with the 1st finger of the other hand.

Self Testing AK   Starts at 2 minutes 19 seconds  Resonance Dissonance

Power of Intention Demonstration

Supplements, Food, Ideas,

Silly Little Test – Thumb & 3rd Finger – Absorb energy of spring water

Instructional how-to video on a simple kinesiology or muscle testing technique. This simple technique lets you determine your affinity for products like foods, medicines, herbs, and vitamins. In addition, you can see how strongly you resonate with particular people and ideas.


Go to YouTube.com.  Search for Muscle Testing or Applied Kinesiology.  You should find a huge number of options.  Start 1, fast forward to jump in and see if you like the presenter and demonstration.

If you don’t, then go to the next one.

There are literally dozens of these methods and hundreds of people showing how they use them.  You should find one you like pretty easily.


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