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Bob Dylan – Finding A Cure For War?

Bob Dylan – Masters of War – lyrics

Bob Dylan – Finding A Cure For War?

If we had to change all the political structures in the world to eliminate war – without violence or a 1 world conquerer – is that likely or even possible?

Is there a better way to peace than winning wars?

Explore our site and select your method to create inner peace and help each of us heal ourselves to heal our worlds…

We can’t heal our world except by healing ourselves…


Inner Peace to Create World Peace,

Health & Healing Freedom to Create Health & Longevity,

Tolerance for Intolerance, Because Tolerance Is the Only Cure,

“Individual Freedom” to Create “Freedom for All” and the Abundance, Innovation, and Peace that Heals the War & Violence Creating Addictions to Power Over Others,

Wars are created. They don’t just happen.

The 1% who profit from war, use Fear to create Hate. They use the hate to Demonize our Neighbors so that we won’t resist lunatics who are taking our money, selling our futures, and enslaving our children to kill neighbors we don’t know very well and who suffer under the same sad system of civilization…

Until we choose to find a better way…

Help us help and heal each other using the choices we provide through this website or by creating and growing your own.

Please share our page. Then visit each day to combine your power of intention to create inner peace and love with individual freedom to create freedom for all…

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