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Deep Breathing Exercise for World Peace

Deep Breathing Exercise
For World Peace

We are creating a Morphic Field to help people learn about Peace, Love, Healing, and Freedom for All… We ask you to use your power of intention and imagination to send Peace, Love, Healing, and Freedom for All as you follow the breathing exercise.

We’ll provide more information about Morphic Fields and the benefits of deep breathing exercises below.

Tony Robbins is a best selling author on self help. This is a simple and beneficial breathing exercise. It helps you protect or restore the lung power we lose as we age.


Morphic Fields are a solution to these questions:

  1. How do cells which have the exact same DNA and Genes in them know whether or not to become a heart cell, skin cell, liver, or eyeball?
  2. Our arms and legs are made of the exact same chemicals… Why are they different?
  3. When rats learned to run a new water maze in an experiment at Harvard, suddenly rats all around the world, who had never been tested before, could learn to run the maze faster than the first group… And as more rats learned to run the maze, the learning of new rats got faster and faster…
  4. Crystals that suddenly form at new temperatures will no longer form at the old temperatures, even though the labs are on the opposite sides of the planet with no physical contact…

A Morphic Field is a source of information that decreases learning time and provides information. It’s a theory. Theories might be seen as our best description of what is going on when something happens.

Even when not proven, or proven to be less than perfect, they can be quite useful. Take Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Useful… Not perfect.

Watch our video to discover how we can make the world a better place for all.

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Flickr foto: https://flic.kr/p/qvvwYo   Take Back Your Health Conference

Remember Add Some Love to All Participants Using Our Site During Your Breathing Exercises… Thanks for Blessing Blessing Others…

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