WHC Is The World’s Best Collection of Caring, Peaceful Scientific Solutions to Heal Our World of Tyranny, Monopoly, War, Fear, Hate, Violence, and Political Stupidity…

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Healing Each Other for Lasting World Peace
How A Small Group Of Volunteers Can Create Lasting Peace Without Politics, Wars, Or Violence In Their Spare Time

http://www.WorldHealingCircles.com/ is a Liberty Marketing Network Trust project…

Don Winfield is Trustee and Projects Director…


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Phone Number is (888) – 785 –  1776 or International (901) – 756 –  4949

Our mission is to Help Us Heal Each Other and Our Worlds to Create Lasting World Peace for All…

Our WHC Header includes photo by Hartwig HKD titled “Art of Healing.”  Our thanks to Hartwig for his permission to use his”Art of Healing” photo…


Hartwig Kopp-Delaney