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Elect Yourself!

Elect Yourself!

Elect Yourself!

Should You Vote For A Politician Or Choose To Run Your Own Life?
A Review



Elect yourself?

If not, who is most qualified to run your life… Your mother, your father, a brother, sister, cousin? They know you pretty well. Which one should be in charge?

You can have them order you what to do and when, how to spend what you create, health choices, control over your children, select Free Schooling for your children and how much you pay your ruler for the free schooling, decide what medical services you should pay for and when; And, of course, you don’t expect your ruler to do all this for free.

So give your selected ruler 35% of what you earn. Allow your ruler (owner?) to dictate how you spend the rest of your money and allow them to borrow money for you to pay off. Plus they can pledge your future earnings and put your children and your children’s children’s children in debt to fight wars in far off countries with people you’ve never met.

You are required to enroll in a Ponzi Scheme they claim is too big to fail!

But hey, everyone does it. It must be sensible.

And who should be running their lives while they’re busy running yours? You?

And as stupid as they may sound, it makes more sense than allowing attorneys, bureaucrats, and politicians in DC who don’t know your name, your children’s names, ages, health conditions, who don’t read the laws they pass, are exempt from most of them, receive bribes from monopoly suppliers, love war, love violence, and can’t spend within their budget.

They protect their stupidity, avarice, & what would be criminal activity done by you or me with secrecy; because, they think since we voted for them, we’re obviously too stupid to make our own decisions… Therefore why should we know anything but what they allow us?

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You know the whole sad tale. If you stop to question and think about how ridiculous this arrangement is; it leads to the hard questions of what you can realistically do about it.


At the end of your life, who is responsible for the life you created?

That decision must be made today. You can’t wait and make it at the end.

You & I weren’t born free. We were born into debt. We were born as serfs to a political elite and the 1% they serve.

The politically powerful take from us to shovel what we earn and create to the 1%.

Our lives are ruled for the benefit, schemes, and dreams of others who tell us we should be grateful. 

We’ve been encouraged to get further into debt to get a good job working for the 1%, their monopolies, cartels, and indirect beneficiaries who milk the political pathway for income streams that they have been guaranteed you & I will pay for… No matter how stupid, hateful, or counterproductive their activities.

For all of that, many things are improving despite the attempts of the elite to destroy innovation, a changing world and promote war…

Because innovation and change threaten empires, monopolies, and cartels.

Wars provide power, fear, hate, and opportunities to manipulate.

Voting is like the Peanuts Cartoon of Lucy and the Football:
Voting Explained By Charlie Brown and Lucy Videohttp://www.worldhealingcircles.com/voting-explained-by-charlie-brown-and-lucy-video/

If you think voting has a made a better world, you have been tricked into thinking that choosing between tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber to run our lives is the only answer.

Look at the discrepancy between what politicians promise and what they do when in office. Politicians all promise to get us out of wars… And we have troops in nearly 150 countries at any time. Republicans and democrats beat the drums of war once in office.

Politicians promise prosperity and they take away our choices, our money, and our freedom to centrally plan and micromanage our lives… The Soviet Union, North Korea, Cambodia, Communist China, and all of the other central planning control freaks have shown a few will benefit and most will suffer.

Elect Yourself as Leader of Your World… It only takes one vote.

The political elite will do their best to keep you afraid and full of hate. This allows them to manipulate.

The right choice is to refuse to vote for or support a ruling class… Elect yourself.

Anything that has to be created through theft, fraud, extortion, war, counterfeiting, Ponzi schemes, secrecy, non-stop lying, monopolies, cartels, murder, – unreadable, unaffordable, legal systems, – and police states, is not and never will be a home for Freedom, Peace, Healing, Justice, Abundance, Unfettered Opportunity, in a Land where people can improve their own lives and the lives of each other.

It is always difficult to change an existing order that embraces power and control over others as their right and who use hate, fear, spying and a police state to stay in control.

Join with us as we use peaceful and unstoppable methods to create change despite our rulers and their power.

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