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Energy Healing Circles

How To Use Energy Healing Circles To Multiply Everyone’s Healing Power For Ourselves & Others

Energy healers have proven that we do not have to be physically present to heal or be healed…

And groups have more power to heal than individuals… 

There are hundreds, perhaps tens of thousands, of different Energy Healing methods to help our bodies heal;

  • World Healing Circles PIP’s (Power of Imagination Protocols),
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques),
  • TFT (Thought Field Therapy),
  • The Healing Codes,
  • Quantum Touch,
  • The Emotion Codes,
  • Matrix Energetics,
  • Reiki,
  • Tong Ren,
  • Homeopathy,
  • Theta Healing,
  • Prayer,
  • Spring Forest QiGong,
  • Chi-Lel QiGong,
  • TaiChi,
  • and more…

The Placebo Effect is when people heal because they believe that something has been done to help them heal, although it may be just be a sugar pill or some other bit of theatre. The Power of Placebo has been increasing in different countries for years… Why? And Wow!

This site is created to help us all use our natural healing abilities to support, help, and heal each other.

This site is not about any one method.

This site is about increasing our power and effectiveness to heal, stay healthy, and youthful…

You can:

  • Use the techniques you are familiar with,
  • Learn new ones,
  • Experiment to discover what works best for you,
  • Combine different methods,
  • And/or create your own techniques for healing,   

Through your Power of Intention, a Dash of Quantum Entanglement, a Little Bit of What Carl Jung Called Collective Consciousness, the Holographic Nature of the Universe, the Power of Love, the Power of God, or for Reasons We May Never Know… You can join with other people to increase their healing abilities and yours at the same time.

We explain our power to connect while on different sides of the planet on other pages.

Morphic Fields

We have unstoppable power to link with each other and to Morphic Fields

Morphic Fields are Fields of Information. They are shortcuts we can use to learn and they Increase Their Power with Use.  

You will be taught how to use the energy healing technology you know to link to a Morphic Field for World Peace, Love, Health, Healing, and Freedom For All.

We will introduce you to technology shortcuts to link to our Morphic Fields as well.

Grab a membership for 7.4¢ per day. That’s $27 per year for a limited time. The price will go up…

With your World Healing Circles Membership, you receive a WHC Membership Card to automatically link you energetically to others in our network.

WHC member cards provide protection from the growing number of harmful sources of EMF Radiation that surround you.


Start Your Own Healing Circles & Join With Ours

Form groups with friends, family & strangers. They can be local or scattered around the globe…

You might look for existing local groups attempting to help each other.  (Check out a website called www.meetup.com Look for the categories dealing with health, healing, pain management, or whatever comes to mind.)

Network with people you know or online groups…


Post announcements…

Check with your place of worship…

Use the internet and social media like Facebook…

Ask people if they can help you find others interested in activating their own natural healing abilities to improve health and pain release…

World Healing Circles

Anyone can join WHC and get their own quantum linking member cards.

When you become a member you can buy more memberships immediately with great savings to sell, barter, or gift.

You can loan visitors a WHC Member Card to use during your own healing circles to Help Teach and Participate In and Through All of the Names of Love.  

World Healing Circles may be accessed many ways, through: WHC Member Cards, WHC Medallions, WHC Heart Light LED’s, Healing Circles, Power of Imagination and more. 

Our WHC physical tools connect us and protect us from harmful EMF.

Local healing circles may use their existing expertise or follow a recorded presentation while linked through member cards and power of intention.

You can follow demonstration videos on our site. Do a search on YouTube or other sources for Energy Healing do it yourself demonstrations and follow along.

At the end of your gathering ask guests to return the cards, buy them, make a donation amount of their choosing, do a barter exchange, or gift them with a commitment to use them…

In short do whatever you decide is sensible for you.

We encourage people, when convenient, to seek a moment of inner peace each day. It can be as simple as taking several slow deep breaths with the intention of sending love.

Link through a WHC Member Card, WHC Heart Light LED’s, WHC Medallion, a Preferred Energy Healing Program, a Photo, Prayer for Peace, Power of Intention and, of course, music…

I make certain I connect every day by refusing to download my email until I have taken time to listen to one of our songs for Peace and Freedom on our website… And I choose an Energy Healing Exercise for Stress, Health, My Dog’s Health, Inner Peace, etc. 

Link this program to go in front of your habitual behaviors. You will find it easy to create a good habit. Also adding a good habit in front of a bad one will help you take control of any habit that needs modification.

It’s OK to do more. It’s OK to miss. Br playful and find what works for you.

We request feedback from our members. “What works best for you?” We share what we learn.

Loving Energy & Energy Linking

When we send Loving Energy, the Loving Energy that is sent doesn’t wink away when we turn our focus to something else.

We are sending loving energy and our World Healing Circles Morphic Field gets bigger, brighter, and more loving for all.

What we’re doing is like lighting a candle.  As more and more candles are lit, the brighter everything becomes.  The difference is, our candles are not burning down. They are all burning brighter.

Wave Of Light by Nicu Buculei -FlickrFoto
Wave Of Light by Nicu Buculei -FlickrFoto

World Healing Circles Tier 1 Lifetime Membership…

Join Us to Heal Each Other…

And Our Worlds!

YES! I Want to Help Us Help Each Other to Create Lasting World Peace through all of the Names for Love – such as – Tolerance, Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility, Unfettered Opportunity, Freedom of Thought and to Say What I Think, Health Freedom, and an End to Monopoly Power.

I will help transform discordant EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) to beneficial EMF by sending Loving EMF broadcast by My Heart and Mind. I Add My Power of Intention to Help Support World Healing Circles for Myself & Others…  

I Send My Intention for a World with Lasting Peace… Health & Healing… And All of the Blessing That Flow From Individual Freedom In and Through All of the Names of Love…

* I UNDERSTAND that we are like those who chose to wash their hands even though there was NO Accepted Mainstream Theory as to why washing hands would save the lives of mothers and their babies…

Because we test results for ourselves. Those doctors who bothered to look at Dr. Semmelweis’ results knew that he and his teams were washing hands and had a fraction of the death they had… Yet, they refused to test this newfangled hand washing… 

* I understand that, my Membership Card is connected “somehow” to Higher Order Frequencies to protect me from the negative effects caused by cell phones and other chaotic frequencies in an ocean of frequency that I cannot see…

I can measure how EMF effects my body with and without My WHC Member Card for myself or with friends…

* I understand that, my Membership Card is a Resource for Quantum Entanglement with  WorldWide Healing Circles to interact In and Through All of the Names for Love with Energy Fields which Surround My Body and the World…

We know entanglement happens. We are exploring ways to use our connections for our benefit… 

* I promise to like your page and share with others to help us all…

* I understand that to achieve Lasting World Peace, we must heal our selves of fear, hate, and any desire to rule others…

Therefore I will do my best to learn and understand Why Individual Freedom Works and to discover my own best path for Inner Peace…

* I understand that at one time I thought differently from the ways I think today…

* I understand each person is on a different part of their journey and I will be tolerant of where they are and allow them to learn at their own pace as I did… 

I understand that I can help by sharing this information with my networks and doing what I can to make myself a better person…  

* I understand that Lifetime Membership is FREE!

* Any paid options are made to Liberty Marketing Network, Trust through PayPal’s Secure Shopping Cart… (PayPal has over 152 Million Customers and processes most credit & debit cards in 22 different currencies and in a 190 countries.)

* I understandPayPal is your CC Processor. I do not need my own PayPal Account. PayPal is processing my credit or debit account for you the same way a restaurant processes a credit card without my needing an account at their bank.

For the USA, WHC shipping & handling is $4.95 for one thing or many. (International shipping and handling is $12.95).  

Everyone has a 30 Day “Your Satisfaction – No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee

Lifetime Membership Is FREE! with Registration 

Members Can Buy Packs Of EMF Protecting, Inner Peace & Healing Cards

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Wave Of Light by Nicu Buculei -FlickrFoto
Wave Of Light by Nicu Buculei -FlickrFoto

World Healing Circles Quantum Entanglement Membership & Member Card

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