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Energy Healing – Watch A 3 Inch Tumor Evaporate

Energy Healing – Watch A 3 Inch Tumor Evaporate

Tumor Evaporates | Gregg Braden Chi-Lel Qigong Video

Tumor Evaporates | Gregg Braden Chi-Lel Qigong Video.  Tumor evaporates in Under 3 Minutes at Hospital with No Drugs or Surgeries…

Enjoy the video demonstration showing the evaporation of a 3 inch tumor in 2 minutes 40 seconds on this video with Greg Braden. He provides an explanation of how this type of energy healing is possible.

There are many explanations. Focus on results and techniques. Think about the explanations if they help you open your mind to other possibilities. The best explanation/theory has probably not been created yet.

When articles circulated on this No Medicine Energy Healing Hospital with a 94.96% success rate for chronic illness, there were many who were quick to call it a hoax.

Decide for yourself.

This Energy Healing Hospital used Chi-Lel Qigong | Zhineng Qigong | and provided successes for 180 diseases using Healing Energy treatments for the patients with an overall success rate of 94.96%…

No Drugs, No Surgeries, No Radiation…

Just the Healing Energy of the practitioners and/or the many students who were trained in self-healing using Chi-Lel Qigong.

Note – You can use the terms: Chi-Lel Qigong | Zhineng Qigong almost interchangeably.

The Chinese government shut it down in 2001.

See the article just before this one for more information.

Share this idea: Energy Healing Can Be More Effective and Faster for a fraction of the cost of mainstream medical and lifetime drug addiction…

Like many wonderful things, Chi-Lel Qigong and Zhineng Qigong continue to be taught and used throughout the world for self healing, to help people help themselves and each other.

This is the original article on the hospital:


The healers and their students scattered across the globe. You can learn more about the results of these scattered seeds through this link :


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