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Heartbreak And Happiness Improvements On The Autism Scale…

Heartbreak And Happiness Improvements On The Autism Scale

Heartbreak And Happiness Improvements On The Autism Scale…

Before We Share Our First Video Of A Mother Telling Her Story Of Her Son's Progress On The Autism Scale And The Miraculous Results She And 176 Others Have Made… Here's A Big Problem To Progress…

One of my relatives has a child with autism. And there's a problem with discussing autism like adults… And it's called “Monopoly Money”…

According to statista.com, in 2012 worldwide pharmaceutical sales were $962 Billion Dollars. The drug companies are estimated to have spent more than $27 billion on drug promotion.

In 2014, statista.com reports probable sales of $1.072 Trillion Dollars.

Aug 10, 2015 – Global pharma sales are to grow to $1.3 trillion by 2018, according to Thomson Reuters.

Apparently drug promotions are working…

The companies, researchers, and political elite they send money to promote them and protect them from criticism and competition.

This problem comes because we are denied freedom in the name of “regulation”. The political elite claim their “regulations” are for our own benefit. So we are treated as serfs.

The size and power of drug-pushing advertising budgets is it corrupts companies like Facebook, Google, Television Stations, Radio, Newspapers, corrupt politicians and almost anyone who will accept money from fat pharma.

Many of these have started censoring what people can say, what they can advertise, and what they can write on their own websites.

The effect is to make us fearful about saying what we think. (Mainstream Ruling Elites would prefer that we quit thinking anyway and just do as they tell us.)

I wanted to use a title that would tell you and anyone else that this article is about a cure for many – but not all – children with autism.

I self-censored myself because Facebook has rejected a lot of promotions for my article titles; because, I want my article and posts to tell people that the article is about the fat pharma's war against any alternatives that threaten their unearned profits and monopolies…

So if you like people like me, questioning, researching, and posting what we discover and think about… And if you don't like censorship, Be Sure to Like Us and Share…   

It wastes a lot of time if they reject a title. I have spent hours rewriting and attempting – without success – for Facebook to print the current version of this article. I am pretty good at this and use Facebook's debugging tools. This time, it's making no difference.

So if you like this post share it; because, I am limited in what I can do…

I have begun to self censor, deleting, and toning down what I say; because, what I say is not acceptable per very general guidelines that mean; “Whatever the censors feel like today,”

Is facebook a true believer in all things profitable to drug companies or merely addicted to drug company advertising budgets.

Whatever their policy is, it is not Freedom of Speech. They didn't sign the Bill of Rights, so they are not bound to honor any of its policies no matter how sound.

Now back to Autism.

“Autism Scale Improvements” Versus “Malfunctioning Drugs?”

There were 176 autism cures under Kerri's protocols as of 5/4/15.

This video tells Kerri's story of how her son miraculously began to return to her world. Share her happiness. Watch this video.

It starts with good resources so that you can do more on your own while tracking and supporting the progress of your child.

Note: I have been taking Sodium Chlorite (That's spelled with a “T” & NOT a “D”. Sodium Chlorite NOT “Chloride”) for years. 

I also give it to my dog when he has some kind of problem. Sodium Chlorite is great for parasites, bacteria, viruses, and many types of fungus. Go to one of the websites for directions. (http://mmswiki.is/index.php/Main_Page or http://jimhumble.is/).

Pets can't tell you what's wrong; but, treating for parasites, bacteria, viruses, and many types of fungus is a good start.

There are poisons from people painting their grass, weed killers, and problems with what they get fed. Some foods that are good for you and me are poisonous to pets. We'll explore pet health in other posts.  

The wonderful thing is; “When something is universally effective on a wide range of physical challenges and good for me even if I'm well, I can experiment safely on any number of things.”

Jim Humble discovered that Sodium Chlorite, properly administered, cures malaria in hours and then he and the hundreds of thousands of others who take Sodium Chlorite per instructions discovered it corrected a number of other physical challenges using different protocols.

Why does mainstream medical hate him and his cures? Because, who would pay thousands of dollars of ridiculous monopoly rates for Fat Pharma Dangerous Drugs when then they can spend less than a hundred dollars for a year's supply of a universal cure for almost everything?

http://jimhumble.is/ <<< This is one of many resources, you can use. 

Again FOLLOW DIRECTIONS! Do your homework. Start slowly. Work with knowledgable support groups and professionals.

Almost anything can be hazardous if you take too much, or if you don't follow directions, if you have some rare contraindication; or if you're on some precariously balanced protocol of dangerous drug use.

Kerri Rivera on CharacterDriven Channel: Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism

Are There Really Autism Cures? 

Published on May 4, 2015

As of today, over 150 children previously diagnosed with regressive autism have shed their autism diagnosis, their symptoms, and return to an overall state of health using the protocols outlined in “Healing The Symptoms Known as Autism”.   Character Driven YouTube Channel

Discoveries normally come from outside the mainstream; because, mainstream is busy protecting their profits, political privileges, and closed minds.

If you want to know the curious history of MMS, read on…

Jim Humble made a discovery. How to turn a common chemical used for water purification into a cure for the world’s biggest killer of children by adding the proper amounts of Vitamin C to create Malaria Cures for pennies a dose. Malaria is the number one killer of children in the world after politicians.

Naturally, Jim is hated by those who make immense profits selling lifetime symptom management and think cures should be illegal… The politically powerful have done a pretty good job by making miracles and cures illegal.

$20 of retail product will last you about 6 months and it is a wonderful Anti-Microbial, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral, and pretty good as an Anti-Fungal for some but not all funguses.

In a time where grossly overpriced antibiotics no longer work against a rising tide of drug resistant bacteria; the politicians, monopolies, bureaucrats, their police, and courts are slowly losing the battle as they try to stomp out innovation, exploration, and solutions – that are not drugs – to problems they created.

Another thing about Jim, he has left the US never to return.  The copyright he holds on his books and other publications is released to the commons immediately upon his death, disappearance or if he is jailed for longer than 90 days.

That provides a disincentive for the politically powerful to help Jim meet and early death or legal attack. The political elite have demonstrated no boundaries on what they will do to preserve their power, profits, prestige, paychecks, perks, and perversions.

Historically pioneers suffer for their discoveries.  The more widespread this information is, the safer Jim is.  And the less likely it becomes for Fat Pharma to successfully suppress an effective alternative to their grossly over priced, ineffective, side effect producing, killing, profit producing prescriptions.

If you don't know, properly prescribed and properly taken prescriptions kill over 100,000 US profit producing patients each year. That's like 3 airplanes a day falling out of the sky… Only in this case, mainstream media ignores inconvenient facts while continuing to promote fat pharma and mainstream medicine as miracles of science…

…In terms of results, almost all advanced countries have better national health statistics than the United States does. In terms of finance, we force 700,000 Americans into bankruptcy each year because of medical bills. In France, the number of medical bankruptcies is zero. Britain: zero. Japan: zero. Germany: zero.

In America mainstream medicine wants your money and your life; because, your death will earn them another $60,000 in your last 90 miserable days as they keep you alive in ways that are extremely unpleasant and very temporary.

Please share.

Please Like Us if you Like Us and share us with Like Minded Friends; because, you can help them break away from yesterday’s orthodox thinking and dogmas.  Ask questions.  Creating a better world and better life depend on questions? Now imagine why?

P.S. – You should do some research on any alternative that you are considering before testing it for yourself.

The pharmaceutical can spend millions rewarding biased studies and rewarding people who criticize effective and inexpensive alternatives to their drug pusher empires.

You will find critics who tell you that MMS is bleach… It is not and do NOT try to use bleach in its place.

One thing you will find with a little research is, in case of water contamination emergencies, small amounts of bleach may be added to drinking water to kill pathogens.

In most municipalities, chlorine is added to drinking water because the chlorine is not as bad for you as water delivered through miles of occasionally, leaking underground pipes without it.

Almost everything has a balance between a small amount that may be good for you and too much of anything which is almost always bad for you.

If you took MMS straight without following instructions, without following the instructions for safe usage, and without monitoring – especially initially – for adverse reactions, you could definitely cause harm or death… Just like would happen from misusing chlorine.

Most people aren't that stupid. However, those who promote side effect creating drugs that kill over 100,000 people per year will attack anything viciously that could jeopardize their profitable empires.

Yes read the critics. Next research further to find out when scare tactics are being used.

MMS is used to purify water the water in aquariums to help make livable for fish. Look at some of the facts and see if the drug protecting fear mongers are making any sense.

P.P.S. For more about the drug empire, look at these savings we no longer can get; because, the Clinton Administration made importing drugs from other countries illegal when those drugs are sold at a fraction of their US pricing and those drugs are manufactured and sold in the US.

I always look for alternatives to drugs anyway. But this drug ripoff is both ridiculous and corrupt.

This article from the Life Extension Foundation has a chart that shows the incredible monopoly pricing protected and promoted by the evil empire called D.C. (Does DC stand for District of Columbia? or Den of Criminals?)


Dr. Kalcker provides an easy to understand explanation of how Sodium Chlorite works… With a slight accent.

You'll hear some common sense on absurd positions by mainstream medical as they try to scare people out of taking effective and really cheap alternatives to dangerous drugs.

Mainstream Medical tries to convince the curious that people are drinking bleach and dying the world over… Instead of reporting the wondrous cures of 100's of 1,000's of people the world over.

Dr. Kalcker demystifies how Sodium Chlorite works and how our bodies work.

Listen twice. There's an optional transcript.

Why should you listen twice? Because he is revealing information on a safe product that used as directed – almost side effect free – can save your life for pennies… Where mainstream medical would charge you thousand$ to tens of thousand$ of dollar$ for drugs with loads of side effects that kill a percentage of its users every day.

It won't correct your diet, poisons, EMF, and many other challenges. Do your homework whenever you are dealing with any type of challenge. You have more control and ability than you think; but, your resources should include healers of all kinds. None of us will ever have all the experience and skills for every situation.

Now watch, learn and share with this video by Dr. Kalcker.

Enjoy. Bookmark. Learn. Share….

Live Long, Free & Be Blessed,
Don Winfield – Editor

Autism Image – Flickr Foto – https://flic.kr/p/95h8gu

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