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How We Can Create World Peace, Support Each Other, Defy Tyranny, And Free Our Minds

How We Can Create World Peace,
Support Each Other, Defy Tyranny, And Free Our Minds

If we want the world to change; we must change. Creating a Better World ain’t all about changing the other guy…

We must each lead by our own example. That’s one Hell of a responsibility…

This video explains the discoveries and the science behind our power to create Peace, Love, & Freedom for All despite all of the Power and Money that the 1% who feed on war, violence, misery, fear, and hate use against us.

As excellent definition of Freedom is: The decision to be responsible for our own lives with no excuses… Note: there is nothing about government gangs and other stupid and violent tyrants in that definition… 

One definition of government is: Government is the attempt to get rid of individual responsibility for any portion of anyone’s life by making any crime legal for the rulers…

  • Murder (assassinations and wars),
  • Extortion (taxes),
  • Fraud (social security, obamacare, medicare, rigged voting machines),
  • Protected and promoted monopolies & cartels (chemical, drug, & medical),
  • Con games (the US legal system provides an appearance of a system of without the reality of law. When laws are so numerous you can’t read them and so contradictory that they become tools for the powerful, you have no law… Only its appearance.  Regulatory agencies protect and promote monopolies by destroying freedom of choice, speech, right of contract and interfering with our freedom to innovate and compete with these overpriced, underperforming, and even evil criminal organizations),
  • Theft (property, rights, and freedoms)
  • Counterfeiting (federal reserve notes, backed by nothing & the central bankers who own this rigged system),
  • Conscription and/or the successful destruction of opportunity so that the young are easy prey for the propaganda promoting standing armies… Young people join not knowing they will serve tyranny and not freedom…
  • And more… 

And these bullies expect us to worship them…

In theory, No freedom equals No responsibility…

We are always responsible for our actions, like it or not; because, we always have choices.

A choice to defend our fellow man is Freedom with responsibility. You and I are the only source of Freedom, Tolerance, Responsibility, Innovation, Competition, Abundance, Healing, and Love.

Turn and look at your reflection. You are the source of freedom or tyranny of your fellow man.

Turn. Look at Your Reflection. Foto Source: https://flic.kr/p/hLpi33

Anyone who tells you there is a source of freedom other than you and me is deceived or a liar… 

Therefore the first step in Creating Freedom in an Unfree World is to destroy or transform all of our self-imposed limitations. Responsibility for our outcomes starts now… Not sometime in our futures.

Let’s look at how we can wash away the castles of sand that the mighty rule from.

The Maharishi’s Stalled Peace Project:

Highly qualified meditators have gathered in assemblies of 4,000 or more to meditate on peace in shifts non-stop and successfully lowered violence in the cities or countries at war they gathered in and meditated on peace.

The form of trademarked meditation they use is called Transcendental Meditation™ and costs about $5,000 for training for beginners.

The foundations created by the late Maharishi Mahesh Yogi are currently in litigation amongst trustees fighting for control of $9.4 Billion in Assets according to the India Times.

…after his death, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Rs 60,000 crore fortune is at the centre of an ugly battle between two groups of followers.

(Rs 60,000 crore equals $9,420,000,000. in US Dollars. Rs is the abbreviation for the currency Rupees. Crore is a number. One Crore Rs in the US Numerical System in Dollars is $157,000.  Rs 60,000 crore equals $9,420,000,000.)

Their intent is to raise another $1.1 Billion to build a temple in India to house 40,000 meditators trained in TM (Transcendental Meditation™) who will meditate non-stop in shifts for peace.

We wish them well.

We are innovators… We explore and create alternatives. That’s the nature or Free People.

Not all innovations turn out well; but, in a Free Market – sooner, rather than later… faster rather than slower… more rather than fewer… – good ideas are embraced and bad ones abandoned.

A Free Market is NOT a government micro-managed world manipulated by politicians, their apologists, bureaucrats, regulators, enforcers, and the professors on political payrolls.

A Free Market is NOT the propaganda spewed by mainstream media. Mainstream media is controlled by a handful of corporations that feeds on misery. Their job is to keep us in stress by providing nonstop reports and images of misery and tragedy. They create stress, fear, and hate.

Stress, Fear, & Hate provide leverage to the 1% and their political allies to protect and expand their kingdoms.

What mainstream calls a free market is a lie…

A Free Market is nothing more than your freedom and my freedom… Any attempt to destroy free markets supports rule by the 1% elite who have the power to manipulate, corrupt, and control for their benefit.

We lose our freedom as they gain. 

Many people are confused because politicians called their rules, edicts, and taxes free markets. 

Just remember, any Free Market protects your freedom and mine. If someone wants to take our freedom from us to correct what they perceive as wrong with our freedom, they are supporting tyranny. 

Most liars pay no penalty for lying and are more likely to gain in power and profit than lose from lying.

We can’t say for certain; but maybe, lying would create penalties if mainstream media wasn’t tightly controlled.

Would the benefits of lying be as strong in a Free Society with Unbridled Competition?

I look forward to discovering the answer to that question.

The tyrants call things by the wrong names to confuse us. These lies create stress. Stress interferes with clarity of thought. Stress limits our desire and ability to question the world around us and inside us. Stress tends to keep us down because stress has hampered our ability to question and evaluate the risks and rewards of change.


You, Me & WHC can create Peace, Love, and Freedom for All with all of the benefits and blessings that follow from Freedom for All.

We are taking a different paths for a fraction of a fraction of the cost of the TM $1.1 Billion Dollar Golden Pathway.

What we are doing is based on proven results of energy healing programs and energy healers around the globe, power of intention, morphic resonance, quantum entanglement, weird & wonderful technology, and the Wisdom of Crowds.

The first law to keep in mind is What we think about and focus on is what we create more of…

If we want peace, love, and freedom, we must balance our addiction to watching the tragedies of the world with spending time to focus on Peace, Love, & Freedom for All.

We don’t have to even provide equal time when we think about love and freedom in all of their names. Good is more powerful than evil.

A fraction of our time is more powerful than the hours of smug, arrogant, and drooling worship of power over others and the evils that follow.

We can share our imagination and intention by focusing on our freedom and power to choose. We create and support a world based on individual freedom and all of its blessings…

So take time each day for one of our songs for Peace, Love, & Freedom for All. Watch our videos to explore the science that makes us unstoppable.


If you want make certain you start your day on a positive note, make a rule for yourself like: “I will not open my email until I listen to a Peace, Love, & Freedom for All song.” Choose something that works well for you.

By your choices, actions, & focus; you help us create a larger and more powerful morphic field of Peace, Love, & Freedom for All. This makes it easier for others to discover the alternatives to government by gun and the rule of arrogant & ignorant lunatics.

We don’t need everyone. We just need to reach a tipping point.

We will add more and more benefits for our participants and ask they start, end, or do each by adding their power of imagination and intention for Peace, Love, Healing, & Freedom for All.

Our next step will add a simple relaxation and deep breathing page. Then we add online energy healing training programs.

As we add more and more benefits and ways for people to focus on Peace, Love, & Freedom for All; the more powerful our morphic field for Peace, Love, & Freedom for All becomes.

Even little choices helps boost our morphic resonance to make it easier for others to turn from the darkness of power freaks and embrace our Light of Peace, Love, & Freedom for All…

Help Us Create World Peace And Other Unexplained Healing

The world around is a reflection of the worlds inside us… And no one can stop us from changing our inner worlds… 

Make a little choice right now to join us, like us, share us… Listen to a song each day and participate in our energy healing programs to support our ability to help us help and heal each other… Now, Please…


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