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Morphic Field for World Peace

What’s A Morphic Field for World Peace?

 Thunderclap Newman – Something In The Air 

Morphic Fields are a biological, evolutionary, revolutionary discovery… And we are biological.

What is a Morphic Field?

Morphic Field (Biology): the idea that, through a telepathic effect or sympathetic vibration, an event or act can lead to similar events or acts in the future or an idea conceived in one mind can then arise in another.  http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Morphic+field 

The morphic field of crystals defies many mainstream beliefs.

Crystals grow. They are living systems in my book while others believe if it doesn’t breathe; it’s not alive.

Are they living or not? The short answer is that it depends on how you define “Living” – “Living Systems” – “Living Organisms” or simply “Life”.

Consider this information before you get entangled in whether or not crystals are alive.

Alive or not, we are looking at the fact that it is difficult to make crystals from new combinations of substances. When new liquids are created they may begin to form crystals that can evolve (change?) over time.

When the first xylitol sugar crystals were formed, their melting point was 61º C.

A few years later the melting changed to 94º C . From that point forward, no one was able to make the old type of xylitol crystal that melted at 61º C.

The Morphic Field had evolved and the properties of the crystal changed…

What we call a Morphic Field is information that is shared by our connections with an energetic field of information…

It is not created from one touching the next one and so on. A field is created and it touches everything.

The field happens all at once and everywhere.

That’s why we can create our World Healing Circles to Create Lasting Peace, Love, Health, Healing & Freedom for All… And replace the current morphic field of fear, hate, war, violence, and the politics that support them…

Morphic fields are one of our tools to create an abundant world with peace, freedom, and tolerance… If you donate $27 per year, that costs you 7.4¢ per day.

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t think we all deserve a better world. Will you support our peace creating initiative with 7.4¢ per day?

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Helping Ourselves by Helping Each Other


Morphic Field for World Peace
Morphic Field for World Peace

 Flickr Foto: Hartwig HKD – Impossible? – https://flic.kr/p/bDbR8x

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