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Permanent Peace

You'll see your Free download link a bit further down this page… The Permanent Peace Program using Super Radiance Meditation for World Peace started in the 1980's with some very impressive successes.  It was never completed.

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The website listed in Permanent Peace book — www.createpermanentpeace.com — is now just a placeholder for advertising.

You can check it out for yourself.  You'll see the website address listed in the book.

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I don't know what disrupted their campaign. The Maharishi died in 2008; but, it was a multi-billion organization. I wonder what happened?

You can download your book now to see their approach and then watch our videos to learn about why we are doing things differently, (simpler, easier, faster, decentralized, and cheaper than their $1.1 Billion Dollar program).

Step 1:  Download your Permanent Peace Mini-Book to learn more about the results of this experiment using the Power of Intention with Meditation.  We're doing something a bit different; but, would using Energy Healing to achieve these results have ever come to mind?

Sometimes, the universe sends ideas out at all different levels until the right idea meets the right team.

Now see what they did by clicking on this download link.



Step 2:  Read on to discover how we can learn from their successes and mistakes to create Lasting World Peace in a world of competing lunatic ruling elites.

We think their problems included:

  • They want gifts of $1.1 Billion Dollars in dedicated funds to pay $100 Million or more in 1st year startup expenses and to create an annual revenue stream of $60 Million Dollars to fund annual operating expenses…
    (Note at the time of the Mini-Book's publication in 2003, they had successfully raised over $100 Million… At the time of Maharishi's death in 2008, the organization was estimated to be worth billions… Source: Wikipedia),
  • The Maharishi’s seclusion… He became a bit like Howard Hughes in his last few years,
  • The Maharishi’s death in 2008, 
  • Perhaps, funds raised went to other projects?  The Maharishi offered $1.3 Billion to buy land rights for his own new country to be ruled by a king… The king might have been a figurehead. I don't know the details.
    I wonder, if the Maharishi had $1.3 Billion for that, why was that more important than funding their Permanent Peace Program?

How To Create Permanent Peace

Energy Healing Technologies Outperform Meditation — In a fraction of the time — People need little to no training — For a fraction of the cost…

For instance, Heart Rate Variability (HRV)… 

Heart Rate Variability is a measurement of the difference of how fast your heart beats when you inhale versus your exhale.  The bigger difference is, the better.

Mainstream medical wisdom says it takes about 6 weeks of diet changes, exercise and meditation (or other relaxation training like biofeedback) to move your HRV score into balance if it's out of balance. 

At a seminar in Mexico, Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson lead the attendees in Healing Codes exercises.

It took less than 20 minutes to help each of the 147 attendees to move from out of balance to in balance, except for 2.  (You can get computer software with appropriate measuring clips to test your HRV balance.)  

One of them took 27 minutes and the other took about an hour.  

That is only 1 example of the differences in speed to create change between meditation and Energy Healing Technology…  6 weeks (and you need to learn how to meditate) versus 20 minutes for almost everyone with no training…

World Healing Circles provides benefits for each participant Now while creating a better world for all of us at less than $30 per participant.

1. Each member receives a method of protection from ElectroMagnetic Radiations that are bombarding us from mobile phones, cell towers, computer screens, TV's, fluorescent lights and more… We live in a sea of frequencies today that did not exist 100 years ago.

No one knows how much damage they can cause.  We can demonstrate the negative impact those frequencies have on your body and supply you with a solution.

2. Each member contributes to each other through their Power of Intention, Love, and Quantum Entanglement to create immediate and long term benefits for us all.

You will have to test and explore our methods to discover simple truth about how each of us can heal ourselves and each other.

3. This is not instant immortality or miracles.  It is tapping into laws of nature and Quantum Physics to create benefits for all.

Work with us… Help us reach out to create our tipping point.  

Sell, barter, or gift WHC memberships which provide EMF protection member cards…

Teach others what to do or get them on a training call or video training…

Provide healing and pain relief to each other. All of us have unused and unexplored healing energies to share with others. 

World Healing Circles Membership

WHC Member Cards provide members with a protection tool from Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation…

WHC creates Quantum Entanglement to allow us to help ourselves and help each other…

WHC introduces you to our Co-Creators who are teaching Energy Healing technologies around the globe…

WHC opens doors to explore and help create the wonderful potential of a Quantum Reality Universe…


The Permanent Peace Program was a great start, a totally out of the box concept.

The Maharishi came up with the idea that they could actually change the world using Meditation as their tool.

They documented their results… But they never completed their Peace Project.

If they ever complete it, that will be wonderful.

We are not going to wait on their stalled Billion Dollar plus fund raising project; because, we can do more than they can… for less… faster.


At the time of the Maharishi's death the US assets alone were worth $300 Million and worldwide assets were estimated between $3 to $5.6 Billion Dollars in real estate alone. Lack of money doesn't appear to be their issue.

You can see further when you stand on the shoulders of giants. We are taking what we can learn from their magnificent start to discover a path(s) that achieves Lasting World Peace with benefits for our members at every step along the way!


Welcome Aboard:  Please skim or read your Permanent Peace mini-book to help you realize; small numbers can create great change.

Meditation created beneficial changes with 4,000 meditators. Their goal is have 40,000 meditators meditating non-stop in shifts, 24 hours a day.

Meditation creates some great results.  However, it requires training, practice and a fair amount of daily time to create results.

Reasons for the growing use of Energy Healing:

  • Energy Healing requires little training,
  • You need little to no practice,
  • Energy Healing sessions are typically done in minutes and sometimes seconds,
  • Results can be immediate or take days, weeks, or months…
  • They can be done locally for the benefit of someone on the other side of the globe,
  • They are inexpensive or free to learn,
  • They defang stress,
  • They provide us a tool to create World Peace…
  • When 2 or more use Energy Healing, the results are multiplied…
  • They outperform mainstream medicine without the side effects and incredible expenses…

In order to create Lasting World Peace, we will teach the value of tolerance, forgiveness, individual freedom, personal responsibility, and innovation which are necessary ingredients to the necessary unfettered opportunity for each of us to create our lives our way and grow as we learn from our mistakes and the positive feelings of ruling ourselves and learning with and from others.

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The Maharishi's Program, Which Continues Fund Raising, Asks for 1,100 Millionaires to Donate $1,000,000 Each 

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