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Your Remote Viewing Secret Powers?

Your Remote Viewing Secret Powers?

Remote Viewing Secret Powers? How much untapped individual power do we have that we don’t even suspect exists?

We all know our government is a bit nuts. Power over others – and as much of our money as they choose to use – provides them a playground to be incredibly wasteful while occasionally stumbling onto something that could benefit us all!

Then they declare it “Top Secret!”

The problem with control freaks is they discourage investigation except for “official” investigation, which can perpetuate stupid, unproductive approaches and become whitewashes to declare a topic closed with no value.

The remote viewing program is now declassified. Discover your own Remote Viewing Secret Powers…

Major Dames who, at one time, ran the program is now teaching what he learned.

Learn what you can and explore beyond where they went. Innovate. Then share what you learned. Sell or give away what you discover. Only you know what makes sense for you.

Selling something is just a form of, “I do something for you and you do something for me.” Both parties want what the other has to offer more than they want to keep what they offer. Both come out ahead or no transaction takes place.

This is different from taxation where everybody loses except the 1% and control freaks! Politicians and bureaucrats squander the wealth we create, our innovations, and freedoms… And they call it “Good.”

We have powers we have not tapped. Explore… Innovate… Share…

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