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Ruling Elite Love War And We Don’t | Pro-Peace & Anti-War song

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Deceit And Propaganda Creates More Power & Profits

The 1% Ruling Elite Love War And We Don’t

See Music Video Further Down the Page w Jackson Browne “Lives In the Balance”

Jackson Browne & Jeff Young 12/22/2011 #1

War is one of those of things we’d rather not think about…

For all kinds of reasons, we don’t like to question our beliefs or the status quo…

Manipulators use our desire to be left alone, to leave others alone, and just focus on living our daily lives.

They do their best to:

  • Suppress information that they have siphoned off $6.5 Trillion Dollars for the benefit of the ruling elite and their servants while destroying records as to where the – Unaccounted For -$6.5 Trillion dollars has gone…
  • Convince us we are helpless,
  • Wars, tyranny, and torture are the cost of freedom,
  • Tyranny and police states are freedom,
  • Convince us to hate by demonizing people who are being attacked for power and profits,
  • War, Murder, the Destruction of the property of others is good for our economy,
  • When money that could have built us homes, farms, paid for research, is being blown to smithereens and huge sums of our money create gargantuan corporate profits by destroying our property… those losses are good for us…

The Ruling Elites have had thousands of years to develop subterfuges, lies, strategies and tactics to steal more power over our lives as they shovel stolen money to themselves.

This site is dedicated to creating solutions where we heal our hurt, fear, and hate that the ruling elite need to manipulate.

By helping each other heal, we can defeat the power addicted enemies to all life without fighting them…

Enjoy the song, review some of the info on the YouTube page and follow our link here or at the bottom of the page to join the WHC quest for peace, love, health, healing, and freedom for all.


Jackson Browne: “Lives In the Balance” | Pro-Peace & Anti-War song

Go to the YouTube Video & read the rest of the letter quoted below. Check out the other links provided in the letter to explore the actions of criminal elites…

Our rulers hate us having any choices on anything; because, they lose power. Their ability to steal slips through their greedy fingers, and we gain more freedom.

Uploaded on Oct 6, 2010

Beautiful message in this song. Every bullet fired is one more hungry child that could have been fed. I hope these wars end soon! The world deserves better.

Dear Fellow Truth Supporter,

My name is Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez, and I am a medical student. Throughout my rigorous undergraduate science and medical science coursework, I have had the privilege of receiving extensive training in the process of scientific analysis and evidence-based thinking.

I am writing to you today not only as a medical student, but also as a concerned American citizen, to ask for your help with something very important.

Have you heard of Dr. Judy Wood? Did you know she has been researching 9/11 since 2001 and has already filed several law suits against NIST’s contractors for science fraud, and legal requests that NIST’s fraudulent data gets reexamined?

Dr. Judy Wood has received more than one threat due to the research she has done and the evidence she has gathered, and one of her students was also murdered in 2006.

Surprisingly, Dr. Judy Wood is the only 9/11 researcher who has submitted evidence to the courts in pursuit of the truth.

I. In 2007, Dr. Judy Wood…


To read the rest of his letter, click on “Show More” under the video on YouTube and Under the Phrase:

Uploaded on Oct 6, 2010

Beautiful message in this song. Every bullet fired is one more hungry child that could have been fed. I hope these wars end soon! The world deserves better…

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