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The Twister Test – Internal Guidance

How To Use a Twister Test to Access Your Out of Conscious Mind

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This method is valuable even though it is not purrfect.  The video is from a sister site. It’s the same technology and same pricing. 

You have Almost to No Perfect Testing available to you for anything. And you won’t know which is which; because, you’re not perfect.

That doesn’t mean testing is useless.  It just means you have to temper your results with your best judgment.

We call this  the Twister Test – 

This is a simple fast method to talk to your inner higher best self…

Before we start, let me answer some common questions?

Can anyone do this?

I have never known anyone who couldn’t use this method with just a bit of patience to make certain they were following all the necessary steps…

The Twister Test is a variation of 1 of the techniques we use to demonstrate the negative effects of EMF Radiation from Cell Phones and other sources. It works very well to test for the effects of EMF.

Sometimes, your may get a strange response that will make sense later.

I have a friend who was asking how prepared she was for court the next day and was getting inconsistent responses.

Later in the day, she discovered she wasn’t due in the court for 2 more days.

Therefore if what you’re doing isn’t working, quit for the day, ask your subconscious to improve your performance, and start the next day from scratch and with some new questions you know the answer to…

Say your 1st name and test.

Test when saying you’re someone else’s name.

Test “I want Love.” Then “I want Hate.” Experiment.

And I have had people look for ways they can fail or make the process not work…

Generally you will find what you look for…

Look for ways to allow this to work for you and that’s what you can expect to find.



You’re going to test for 3 different responses.

Ask yourself:

1. “What is a Neutral response?” (Sometimes neutral means not now, not ever, not appropriate, not well phrased or who knows?”

2. “What is a No response?

3. “What is a Yes response?”

And… Instruct yourself, that if I ask a question that is Poorly Worded, or Inappropriate for some reason, that I will receive a Neutral Response.

Now – Stand Straight – Feet Together – Arm Straight Out – And Point Your 1st Finger Forwards

Missing that finger?  Choose another or use your whole hand or use your head.  Find the way that works for you.

Now ask yourself “What is a neutral response?” then twist at the waist turning as far as you can comfortably… And Note Where Your Finger Is Pointing to See How Far You Turned

Twist Back so You’re Facing Forward Again…

Now ask yourself “What is a No response?”

Now twist at the waist turning as far as you can comfortably… And Note Where Your Finger Is Pointing to See How Far You Turned…

Twist Back so You’re Facing Forward Again…

Now ask yourself “What is a Yes response?”

Now twist at the waist turning as far as you can comfortably… And Note Where Your Finger Is Pointing to See How Far You Turned…

Although some may have reversed responses, generally you easily Turn Further when you’re getting a “Yes” response and you do not easily Turn as far when you get a “No” response.

If you are reversed, you may be improperly hydrated or your signals are different. Drink clean filtered water. Test some more.

Remember the purpose of this is to explore, question, discover, and innovate.  You don’t need a perfect experience.  Only the opportunity to notice things you normally don’t notice…

You can use this strategy to ask yourself yes/no questions and get pretty reliable answers.

You can also make statements and get true/false responses.

With a little practice this is a good method for internal guidance.  There are many different ways to tap into communication with your higher, (usually) better self.

Your methods for internal communication may be perfect… But we mortals don’t use things perfectly.  Therefore use what you choose in combination with the best judgment you have available at any given time.

One action you can take is to ask whether or not asking a specific question is in your highest and best interest?

If No, go to a better question.

How do you know it’s better?  The method tells you it is… But, not perfectly.

Testing this process for yourself takes about 27 seconds.  I’ve timed it.

I recommend you do it now; because, you will then remember it and already have tested it in case you ever need it.


Please share your discoveries and innovations with us.

We will be using this method in combination with other events, trainings and explorations.  The sooner you master it, the sooner you will be able to go further.

This technique is part of the category called Applied Kinesiology.  You can find many similar methods on You Tube by searching for Applied Kinesiology and/or Muscle Testing.

There are many methods of accessing your inner guidance systems.  Find one that works well for you.

Follow this link for video training for a number of different Applied Kinesiology Techniques.

We start you with the one we created for our site on Frequency Shields.

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