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Voting Explained By Charlie Brown and Lucy Video

Voting Explained By Charlie Brown and Lucy Video

Think about this 90 second video and voting. Do you think “Ha Ha?” Can you look at our history of voting and the promises of the politicians we voted for and believe that voting helped us slow down the lunatics running our asylum?

That's right. Once I thought voting was the best way to run the world too…

But voting is step 1 of 2 step tyranny

Voting is about destroying our Individual Freedom to replace it with an assortment of rulers whose ignorance is exceeded only by their arrogance…

Their rule is enforced by guns, taxes, wars, torture, extortion, fraud, medical experimentation, and all of the other foolishness of governments who believe they own us.

We'll explore voting more in this election year, where once again, it's hard to come up with 2 worse candidates…

I saw an interesting idea.

Elect all officials by random drawing with no one ever allowed to return to office.

It would solve a lot of problems and it's unlikely the results would be worse than what we have.

But it changes who rules us. It doesn't resolve the real problem of having someone else rule our lives… In a perfect world, is everyone ruled by someone else and no one is responsible for their own life?

Which makes more sense, fixing a poorly conceived idea or replacing it with a better one?

World Free Markets all work better if micromanaged by politicians, bureaucrats, and attorneys?


Would our service providers work better if we could choose them or refuse them like we do when we shop for groceries, a book, or most anything on the internet?

Government by gun is the problem… Not government with Individual Freedom of Choice… 

There are no lasting problems when we – individually – can refuse to pay for services that we choose not to use…

With Freedom, we can buy a different service, go into competition with existing providers, or refuse all of them to live by our own personal code…

With today's internet, you could post your code of honor for any to read. And, of course, you could choose not to post anything.

Freedom does not solve all problems. It provides the freedom for us to explore, seek, and find new and better ways to do everything.

Perfection is not an option and has no recorded history. Not even the Garden of Eden proved perfect long term…

If the thought of “Oh No, someone might not choose a dispute resolution provider and they might refuse to pay for services!”

Tell me why it's OK for people to refuse to obey the laws today (which you can't read or understand), refuse to pay for them, or worse those who live off funds taken from others by force?

Perfect tyranny is the enemy of sensible free market solutions…

The 1% ruling elite will promise that if we'll just be patient and vote 1 more time, everything is going to be better.

Freedom is the only answer to the problems created by gargantuan government and smaller criminal gangs too.

The only source of Freedom comes from our willingness to Defend the Individual Freedoms of those we neither like nor approve of…

There is no other source. There is no other way.

Don Winfield for WorldHealingCircles.com

And if you think your vote can't be easily overlooked, don't read this book about how votes are counted.

Votescam: The Stealing of America
(Forbidden Bookshelf)

Sep 29, 2015

by James M. Collier and Kenneth F. Collier
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