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We Think But Not Like We Think We Think

We Think, But Not Like We Think We Do

We Think, But Not Like We Think We Think

Why is this important? Because, if we understand how we think we are less likely to get into trouble because we think our thinking is almost perfect…

So Watch This Video With Nobel Prize Winner, Daniel Kahneman, To Examine How Perfect Our Thinking Is… If You Dare!

One of the miracles of the internet is our ability to explore different topics in an hour or less by authors who wrote a 499 page book on the topic, including indexes…

In order to create lasting peace, we are going to have to abandon the ways we have historically done things.

We must do some original thinking with a mind that can trick us.

If you read about con artists, one of their tricks is to con someone into losing money and then have a second group con the same person all over again for more money to get the money back they just lost.

In order to reduce our thinking self-sabotage methods, let's explore our blind spots and how we are manipulated by the elite who are using methods refined over thousands of years.

Let's help ourselves to learn how to grow individually without being sucked in to some cult like following… Not even our own home grown variety.

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We Think, But Not Like We Think We Do
We Think, But Not Like We Think We Do

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