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WHC Quantum Entanglement Heart Lights

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WHC Quantum Entanglement Heart Light Laser & LEDs

…Use WHC Heart Lights to join with healing fields for yourself and others without training. In the seconds it takes to do 7 slow deep breaths, focus on this phrase or one of your own making, “I Accept Love and Extend Love In and Through All the Names for Love”…

(However you want to think & feel about Love or any of its names while giving and receiving to all. You are not limited to words.)

WHC Heart Lights help you join with an Energy Field that You, Me & Others have created that we call World Healing Circles.  The lasers & led’s are an active technology and some of the demonstrations you will do border on magic.

Why Do We Call Them Heart Lights?

Because your brain & your mind both broadcast EMF (ElectroMagnetic Frequencies). EMF from your mind and heart is good for living things.

EMF from cell phones, cell towers, dumb meters, TV screens, WiFi, computer screens, mobile house phones, fluorescent lights, and – generally – anything electronic is likely to interfere with the ability of your mind and heart to communicate with the cells of your body.

Your WHC Heart Light restores communication between your heart mind and the cells of your body.

This is easy to test for yourself. Go to the Twister Test page to learn easy self tests to check your body’s flexibility, strength, and sense of balance when receiving Beneficial EMF and EMF that makes your body act older instantly.

Bless Your Loved Ones, Food, Drink, & Body

We live in an energetic world.  Our bodies are made of energy that appear solid.

Some energies harm and some help.

What if you could easily and quickly change energies from negative to positive?

You can tilt your health to the good by nullifying or transforming negative energies which create stress and embracing energy which protects the energy field you think of as you.

Stress opens the door to illness, disease and brain fog.

You were born with the greatest healing mechanisms on the planet… When you counteract stress you allow your immune systems to work at higher levels of effectiveness.

Your Immune System is a Healing Miracle… Protect it.   

Our food today gets bathed in toxins, pesticides, and poor quality fertilizer.  It is grown in depleted soils, picked prematurely, gassed or irradiated, artificially colored and worse.

Placebo has been increasing in power over the last several years.

Crystals form faster using the exact same methods after the 1st crystals have formed even if being created on the opposite side of the planet with no traceable connection between the laboratories.

Our WorldHealingCircles technology has growing stronger over the last few years and we are exploring and testing what limits we can break when we join with our WHC Energy Field – Supported by Our Intention – In and Through All the Names for Love.

  • Imagine counteracting cell phone induced weaknesses and problems by shining a laser light to quantumly link with a fingernail clipping from the next room?
  • What if you could help someone retain their strength, balance and flexibility by shining a laser light to quantumly entangle a q-tip someone moistened in their mouth? (Our WHC Heart Lights have both a red laser & white LED choice. In future we may switch to other colors.)
  • What if you could help counteract negative energetic frequencies of food and drink by creating healing, healthy and loving frequencies by using laser light to quantumly bless your food and drink.
  • What if linking to our World Healing Circles – which is a field based on love – was effective at manifesting comfort where there is pain?
  • What if linking to our World Healing Circles can activate your immune system for faster healing?
  • What if a WHC Heart Light helped keep you from getting sick in the first place? (Of course, we never know what we don’t get.)
  • What if you could help infants, the elderly, pets, and others over the phone or at any distance just through the power of love?
  • What if you can reduce stress which helps your own natural healing abilities with next to no effort or time?

We don’t know exactly what is happening or why.

We do know the global healing fields are getting stronger and results stranger and faster.

Placebo is a Morphic Field that is in the process of becoming stronger for reasons unknown; but, Placebos are getting better results, faster, and easier.

Healing ability that used to be limited to saints is now living up to biblical promises about our creative abilities. It’s also a variation of a pop hit song: “Anything Healers can do, you can do better.  You can do anything better than s/he.”

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Your Quantum PIP Laser Light is 1 for $129,
2 for $258,
or 3 for $387 $199

Quantum PIP Laser Light TriPack $199.00


You have noticed that when something is going around, it doesn’t effect everyone.

What is the difference?  Even during the black plague there were people who did not get sick.


One of the biggest reasons for any disease and most mental conditions is Stress.

There are many methods of counteracting stress.  Most take time and training before being effective.  And they are well worth your time.

Stress is a negative energy.  Energy can be neutralized by waves from other energetic sources.  And a negative energy can vanish while a positive energy takes its place.

And speed?

Think how quickly light chases away darkness.

These pocket lasers – quantumly linking you to a World Healing Circles – can link in instants, what normally takes time and training to achieve through other methods.

I explore as many healing programs as I can. I test and see what I might take from one and add to my other choices.

These Quantum PIP Laser Lights create some very unusual outcomes for me in much less time when I use them with different energy healing programs.

I may only need 20 seconds or so at a time.  Most of my other programs take several 7 minute time blocks or an uninterrupted 30 minutes for meditation, self hypnosis, binaural audio, or whatever.

Test these for yourself using the same tests in our video on Frequency Shields.  The 2 technologies have the same base but function different ways.

Your Frequency Shield is something you wear and is protecting you from all sources of EMF non-stop. So does your member card.

Your Quantum PIP Laser Light is something you can use on your food, drink, your pets, other people and yourself in seconds.

When you take your Frequency Shield off, you lose its protection…

When you use your Quantum PIP Laser Light, your protection lasts for hours at a time… You can zap other people… You can help align their hips in seconds.  See the video below on Quantum touch… Which is another way to achieve the same thing.

I own a $3,000 medical laser for horses, livestock and pets.  It can work wonders; but, it is rather complicated to program.

I can use presets or programming or both but a normal session is 20 minutes or longer used in combination with other sets several times per day.

A treatment can be up to 28 minutes, typically changing settings and/or positions every 3 to 6 minutes as a user switches amongst custom or preset programs.  They recommend twice or more times daily.

World Healing Circles is a lot easier and simpler to use and it doesn’t cost $3,000.

This Quantum PIP Laser Light is a linking tool. You can also use power of intention to link to our Healing Circles. Our Member Cards, Medallions, and Heart Lights are tools.

Anything you can do with our tools, you can do without them. It just takes longer.

  1. State mentally what you want to accomplish in positive terms… (Choose “I want full mobility in my hands and feel great!’ instead of “I don’t want stiff fingers and pain.”  Choose for a positive end result.”
  2. Measure it on a scale of 1 to 10
  3. Let it go and relax,
  4. Point,
  5. Click on,
  6. Swirl or hold in place for 2 seconds to treat food and drink and up to 3 minutes when dealing with pain or other health issues,
  7. Repeat throughout your day….
  8. Measure after your last session or each session…

We will provide more insights to and ideas via email and on site pages for WHC Heart Light owners.

We look forward to people sharing how they do what they do when they use their laser.  Please use our contact page and we will share what we gather.

Heal Dark Energies w Light 

Our water and many products made from it have fluoride, chlorine by-products, drug residues and other poisons that people are taking, flushing down the commode or from industrial and natural sources of pollution.

Government agencies do not inspect water for drug residues.

Associated Press is reporting over 41 Million Americans are drinking someone else’s pharmaceutical prescriptions in an unholy mix in their drinking water… And they only checked 50 cities.


That doesn’t count chemicals like chlorine, chlorine by-products and fluoride which are ignored because the government put them there…

You can help protect yourself from these problems:

  • Change or boost the energy of what you eat and drink,
  • Balance your body’s energy,
  • Use filters,
  • Choose wisely to avoid what you know isn’t good for you,
  • Use moderate exercise and when feasible, 
  • Go organic…

This doesn’t make you Superman.  It tilts you towards balance.  It will not lift locomotives.

Energize Your World with Blessings

We provide you with these Quantum Light Lasers which are more affordable to people throughout the world.  These are not medical lasers, which generally start at $500 and go way up from thee.   These are based on love, quantum entanglement and results you can test for yourself.  Perhaps we should call them Love Lasers.

How to Energize Your Food, Drink, Body, & Environment

1.  First this is keychain sized and travels with you… It also has a white LED light to see your way in the dark or to broadcast a wider healing frequency beam in addition to laser light which is a very focused.

Note:  If you carry it on your keychain, the ring is part of the screw cap that holds the batteries inside.  You will occasionally need to retighten it; because, the movement of your keys can loosen it.  If the cap is loose, there is not as much current and the light is not as bright.  If the light dims, tighten it or replace the batteries.

2.  Before you eat or drink anything, use your laser to help nullify any nasty pesticides, drugs, pollutants, or other junk which is carried in your food and water.

What if I’m wearing my shield?  Would I still need to laser my food?

Many people find the lasering improves the taste of both food and beverage… Especially red wine, coffee and water.  I laser what I eat and drink.

…And you can wear your laser on a lanyard and get the same benefits as wearing a Frequency Shield.

3.  Works wonderfully well for pain and discomfort.  Just click and point.  Also test  a stirring motion to see which you prefer.  Do it minutes at a time, up to 7 minutes or 20 to 30 seconds at a time every hour… Or some combination of both.


A lot of discovery and innovation is just rearranging, deleting or combining different ideas.

We encourage you to form Healing Circles and see what you can do for each other.

Explore…  Experiment…  Play… 

Share what you learn and learn from others who will be sharing with you.

Use video, audio or text to share what you learn.  (Have anyone under the age of 20 help you if you are not sure how to record and share your results.)

We will be sending our owners additional instructions and information or contests, affiliate programs (coming soon) and other means of sharing.

If you haven’t seen this video on our Natural Energy Healing Site, let me tell you the punchline and you can watch the video yourself later.

Richard Gordon, the creator of Quantum Touch likes to go to parks and find people whose hips are out of alignment (almost everyone).  Typically one hip is higher than another.

Richard Gordon then proceeds to do a demonstration with Quantum Touch to broadcast healing into their hips.

In the video you see the hips are now into alignment with each other.

At seminars and even long distance healing sessions, there are results where the body corrects alignment or moves bones back into position in seconds… And sometimes you can even hear cracking as these corrections take place.

Take these little pocket lasers, add power of intention, and do the same in 7 seconds or less by moving the lasers over the effected area or run them through the chakras to rebalance the body’s energy fields.

Or an even better result might be created doing something entirely different.


You and I have options to be Healers for ourselves and others with virtually no training and in seconds.

Your Quantum PIP Laser Light is 1 for $129,
2 for $258,
or 3 for $387 $199

Your Quantum PIP Laser Light TriPack Is $199.00

Energy Connects Us to Everything

Practice by exploring.  Invite people over who are interested in health, healing and have a good sense of curiosity.  Look at each person to see how their hips are aligned. Test Zapping back and forth between their hips.  Test Zapping up and down their chakras and measure again.

Things happen immediately.

What all might happen???

Explore.  And share your results with us.

I recommend you explore other methods as well as what you learn here.  One technology may introduce you to other ideas you can implement using your Laser’s Light.

Here is an introduction to one of the simpler, fastest, and more effective Energy Healing Technologies available, Quantum Touch by Richard Gordon.

In a recent seminar, Richard revealed he discovered he can heal others fast without touching.  Your Quantum PIP Laser Light doesn’t touch.  It doesn’t forget to focus.  It doesn’t forget to breathe.

Help us help you do more with less.  Try the lasers for yourself.

Quantum Touch Healing | Richard Gordon | You Can Heal in a Park

The video is 8 minutes and 52 seconds.

“A Session in the Park” with Richard Gordon

The video is 8 minutes and 52 seconds.

I listened to an online seminar recently.  Today Richard doesn’t have to touch and the process works faster for him as well.  He provides healing over the phone as well.

Now test using your laser where he used Quantum Touch.

We want to be able to provide people a method to release Health, Healing, & Pain Relief with methods that are as simple as point and click.

Quantum PIP Laser Light… Defeat Dark Frequencies w Light

Can you use the Lasers with other Healing Technologies?

Yes.  Explore and please report your results and what you did.  

You can test someone using the Toy Soldier Balance Test.  If they are easily knocked off balance, you can use the laser on their chakra’s to balance their energy flow… And when you try to knock them off balance again, you can’t…

The toy soldier balance test is demonstrated here.

Please Note the Feet Need to be Together to Create Your Best Demonstration:


They have 1 year money back guarantee for any reason or none at all with a 5 year product replacement or repair warranty plus s&h.  (That does not include the batteries dying.  You have to replace your own batteries.)  If anything happens after 1 year, and before 5 years have passed, we’ll replace it for $10 with standard s&h based on international or domestic locations.

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Your Quantum PIP Laser Light is 1 for $129,
2 for $258,
or 3 for $387 $199

Quantum PIP Laser Light TriPack $199.00

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That pricing may seem strange.

Here’s what we’re doing and why:

  • It’s easier to reduce price on larger quantities than to make 1 small sale at a time (Think Costco – Great Price w Large Quantity to Existing Members)…
  • When you give people a really good value, it helps to point it out
  • This pricing formula has been tried in many ways and works great…
  • It’s probably the easiest way to sell these Quantum PIP Laser Lights worth $129 each or $387 for 3… Instead you own 3 at the low price of $199, which is a great savings, in a way that works for everyone… 

Just use this link… And be sure to share your experiences and results back with us.

Money Back Guarantees Certificate

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We Want You to “Test It For Yourself & You Decide Guarantee!”

You Have a 90 Day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee for Any Reason

Plus, You have a manufacturer’s warranty for 5 years.

Carry Your Own Power in Your Pocket to Bless Food, Drink, People, and Yourself … You Can Use Your Laser to Zap Yourself and Others to Protect All from Electromagnetic Frequencies Broadcast by Cell Phone Towers, Cell Phones, TV’s, Computer Screens, Wifi Hotspots, and more…

One more benefit: US s&h is $7.95.  International is $19.95.  That stays the same to ship 3 – 6 – 9 lasers or ?… you get the idea.

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Quantum PIP Laser Light TriPack $199.00



The Laser Model can change…  At the moment it is the one on your left.

If you dissatisfied for any reason, you have a money back guarantee.  We think you’ll love it.