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DIY | Ignored Healing Power Of Healthy Blood

Healing Power of Light... Photo H. Kopp-Delaney
Healing Power of Light… Photo H. Kopp-Delaney

DIY | Ignored Healing Power Of
Healthy Blood

We all know blood is important… But what are Blood Viscosity, Phototherapy, Why are they good for us, and How do we DIY it?

Researchers are beginning to look at ways to make healthier blood for a healthier life by improving our blood's ability to flow…

  • Could our blood be a useful key to better health?
  • Could our blood be a key to more energy?
  • If we learn what effects blood for good or bad, can we consciously make better health choices to support our blood?
  •  What does our blood do for us and why should we care?
  • If we can choose our blood viscosity, how simply, easily, & cost effectively can we do so?

Let There Be Light!

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Blood viscosity slides are viewed through what are called Dark Field or Live Cell Microscopes.

According to Rice University:

“The contrast and resolution obtained with inexpensive dark field equipment may be superior to what you have with student grade phase contrast equipment. It is surprising that few manufacturers and vendors promote the use of dark field optics.”


The idea of treating blood with light isn't new. It's just become simple…

This article from 2010 provides historical context and details for when it was expensive and time consuming to use light to help your blood viscosity.

Vampire therapy: It might sound ghoulish, but having your blood sucked out and cleaned could work miracles

“The thought of having blood drained from your body, treated under ultraviolet light, then pumped back in sounds like something out of a Hallowe’en horror film.

“But blood cleansing, the latest health-boosting treatment to reach our shores, claims to not only energise you, but aid a host of medical and skin concerns, too.

“UVB Photo-biological Stimulation ­therapy (UVB therapy) involves a small amount (50ml) of blood being extracted from the body and passed, via a tube connection, to a machine where it’s briefly exposed to UV light then redirected into the bloodstream.”…

“It sounds ghoulish and a little bizarre, but this 15-minute treatment is widely used in Germany and Russia. And now the treatment is available in the UK.”

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/beauty/article-1321397/Vampire-UVB-therapy-Having-blood-sucked-cleaned-work-miracles.html

Sunlight works great too. You can't count on always having sunlight available. So UVB lights were used instead. UVB is short wave ultraviolet, called ultraviolet B, or UVB for short.

The Daily Mail article reports that people paid £175 per session ($218.40 at today's exchange rate: March 21, 2017) and the initial protocol was for 5 sessions. £875 UK or $1,092. US.)


As a practical matter, health and healing should be:

  • Effective… 
  • Very affordable to very cheap…
  • Require little time for good results…
  • Be beneficial even if you're not sick…
  • Provide multiple benefits by supporting your body's natural healing abilities…

The time recommended is 25 minutes in a day, 3 or 4 times a week. You can use light technology while doing a number of other things. Use light therapy while watching TV, Internet Videos, talking on the phone, reading, or?

The cost and the time involved is a fraction of what it used to be. Just one person would pay £875 UK or $1,092. US… Plus 5 sessions means 5 trips to the doctor's office, and sitting in the waiting room, filling out forms, driving, parking, etc.

Now one device will last years and be available to pamper your blood whenever you feel like it – instead of just when you can afford the time and money to camp out in a doctor's office – and is available for your whole family and not just one person…

My choice is a WHC Heart Light light. I just shine it up my nose. I don't have to worry about putting a light bulb in my nose. And my WHC Heart Light costs less than the nose invader.

Plus WHC Heart Light have other ways and reasons to use them.

Because of Dr. Scott-Mumby's presentation, I now shine my WHC laser daily for 25 minutes into that area close to the surface and rich with blood vessels inside my nose.

I still use my WHC Heart Light externally on my food and drink, my dog and me.

I encourage you to join me.

These before and after photos come from shining the WHC Laser Heart Light on a glass of water for 20 seconds and then drinking some of it.

It's always a good idea to track how you feel. Sunlight can cause Sunburns.  Yet sunlight is necessary and a great resource to help your body make Vitamin D.

Remember: “A little can be great to harmless. And “too much” is “too much” even with otherwise healthy choices. We must always learn enough to use good judgement with the choices we make. No one else knows us like we do.” … Don Winfield, your editor

Follow the link below to order a WHC Heart Light like I use where I just send light up my nose… Or follow the Dr. Scott-Mumby link to order a light bulb to stick up your nose.

Both work and are a good value. He's got better credentials. Ours also works on food, water, and cellphones.

WHC Quantum Entanglement Heart Lights

 We are switching to a new shopping cart. These prices will go up when we switch… You may have noticed we mentioned higher prices in our Video…

Get yours now or miss out!

Your Quantum PIP Laser Light is 1 for $129,
2 for $258,
or 3 for $387 $199

Quantum PIP Laser Light TriPack $199.00