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How A Small Group Of Volunteers Can Create Lasting Peace Without Politics, Wars, Or Violence In Their Spare Time | PDF Version

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WorldHealingCircles-Part 1 – 52 Slides

Topics –

  • Outrageous Claims – Slide 3
  • My Journey – Slide 5
  • Are You Like Galileo or Cremonini? – Slide 5 – 8
  • Tipping Point for Change – Slide 8
  • 5 Things We Don’t Need – Slide 9
  • Outrageous Claims – page 13
  • 9 Tools for World Peace Magic – Slide 14
  • What Are PIPS? – Slide 16
  • 6 More Ways to Link Our Power – Slide 18
  • 6 Things You & I Can Do – Slide 21
  • Is EMF Harmful – Slide 22
  • EMF Instantly Makes You Act How Many Years Older? – Slide 24
  • Do You Feel Guilty – Slide – 29
  • Who Wins from Wars? – Who Says So? – Slide 30 – 34
  • Introducing Wisdom of Crowds – Slide 36
  • Imagine… What’s Better Than War? – Slide 38 – 44
  • Do Governments Kill Their Own Citizens? – Slide 45 -46
  • Choosing Peace – Slide 49 – 52

WorldHealingCircles- Part 2 -47 Slides

WorldHealingCircles – Part 3 – 56 Slides

WorldHealingCircles-Part 4- Slides 42

WorldHealingCircles – Part 5 – 53 Slides


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PIPS – (Power of Imagination Paradigm Shift)

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