WHC Is The World’s Best Collection of Caring, Peaceful Scientific Solutions to Heal Our World of Tyranny, Monopoly, War, Fear, Hate, Violence, and Political Stupidity…

World Peace Video Newsletter #1

Thanks to Hartwig HKD / h.kopp delaney for Photo Permission Art of Healing https://flic.kr/p/7gdZ4C

World Peace Video Newsletter #1

Watch Our First Video Newsletter

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2.) Gandhi Level – Tier 2 Membership –

Gandhi started a movement that destroyed a Government Granted & Enforced Monopoly of Salt…

When the monopoly crumbled, British Empire tyranny over India soon followed.

Gandhi wasn't perfect. Neither are we. If he could bring down a monopoly, so can we.

7.4¢ per day – $27 Monthly…

Your participation helps pay overhead and outreach.

You receive 10 World Healing Circles Member Card to protect you & your loved ones from all sources of EMF.

Your member card is also a tool to help us all create quantum entanglement to share our natural healing energies.

Your WHC Membership Card supports Lasting World Peace, Love, Health, Healing, and Freedom for All.

As we turn from war, violence, and tyranny; we free up the money squandered on war, the war machine, the destruction of vital infrastructure, homes, farms, clean water sources, and the murder of families…

As the War Machine screeches to a stop, things evil are replaced by the many blessings that only grow in the Soil of Individual Freedom.

Trillions of dollars annually are freed to create abundance for all.

Let's disempower the ruling elite who deliberately starve populations to death who are the wrong class, color, religion, culture, or whatever…

As the 1% ruling elite lose control of the wealth we create; abundance follows. We are free to innovate, compete, and choose how the things we create are used.

The monopolies and cartels – who take our money by force, who destroy innovation and competition through regulation and political power – will have to choose between innovating for all or evaporate in the face of better, cheaper, more effective, and lasting products for everyone.

Helping Ourselves by Helping Each Other

Gandhi Level – Tier 2 – World Healing Circles Membership – Monthly $27

To paraphrase Tom Peters, author of “In Search of Excellence,”

Innovation and Great Projects Are Created by the Wrong Person, with the Wrong Credentials, with the Wrong Background, for the Wrong Reasons, with Little to No Credibility, Who Is Woefully Underfunded, Does Something by Accident, Asks Questions, And Keeps Asking Questions While Taking Action Until They Get the Right Answers…

The Wrong Person is the source of almost all Innovation and Human Progress…

Wow! Are you and I qualified or what?

We Help Ourselves by Helping Each Other 

Discover the power you were born with that outperforms all of the expensive technology and medications in the world…

Each member registers their membership and activates their cards online through the member link of the person who referred them.

Gandhi Level Tier 2 World Healing Circles – Monthly $27

You've heard the six degrees of separation concept, where all of us are connected to everyone through other 6 people…

And interestingly, “We don't know who they are!”

Why is that good news? Because we don't have to know who they are to take advantage of our networking potential to reach everyone in the world…

So show you like Lasting Peace & Individual Freedom… Use your networks to share and promote World Peace, Love, Our Abilities to Help Create Health, Healing, and Abundance for Each Other with Freedom for All..

Do it now please…

Discover Why & How We Can Create World Peace & Politicians Can't & Don't Want To... Like Us, Help Us, & Share Our Peace Video
Discover: Why & How We Can Create World Peace… Why Politicians Can’t Can’t Create Peace & Why They Fear Freedom… Please Like Us, Help Us, & Share Our Peace Video Newsletter

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