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We know it sounds crazy; but, watch this presentation and decide from documented evidence… Join our mailing list for access to your Free Mini-Book… Then Join World Healing Circles to Create World Peace using the link below the video…

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World Healing Circles Lifetime Membership is $27

Lifetime Members receive a Membership Card to Quantumly Entangle you to our Healing Circles and projects. Your card will provide protection from all of the excess EMF screaming at every cell in your body.

EMF is interfering with your body’s ability to communicate cell to cell, mind to cells, and heart to cells. If you screw up your mind/body ability to communicate, you interfere with your body’s health and ability to heal.

If you’ve got a choice, why choose poor mind/body communication?

With membership, you receive a member card that will protect you from all the sources of EMF radiation you may not be aware of:

  • Computer Screens
  • Your Next Door Neighbor’s WiFi Broadcast
  • Your Internet WiFi Connection
  • Office Equipment
  • Fluorescent Lights
  • TV’s
  • Smart Meters (They’re incredibly dumb, dangerous & expensive)
  • Cellular Towers That Are Everywhere
  • Cordless Home Phones
  • Almost Anything Electronic
  • Your Cell Phones
  • The Cell Phones of the Guys or Gals Next to You

We provide video training for you & a friend to discover how EMF makes your body immediately act decades older.

Why Weird? We will be teaching participating members how to explore with us and receive training on how to do demonstrations that seem like weird science to me…

Your memberships cards link you to our Morphic Fields for Lasting World Peace, Enhanced Health & Healing, and to our Linking Experiments to make life better for all of us… They also protect you from EMF/ELF ElectroMagnetic Radiations bombarding you from all directions.

Helping Ourselves by Helping Each Other

World Healing Circles 7.4¢ per day $27 Annual Membership

World Healing Codes Annual Membership 7.4¢ per day = $27 Annual

First, let me point out that our project is moving forward because of the Maharishi’s original idea to use his trademarked meditation system to reduce violence. His test projects proved the idea.

How Are We Different?

Why Not Just Support Them?

Meditations groups need qualified super radiance meditators who have paid for training that costs as much as $5,000 and lasts many months for proficiency… 

World Healing Circles can work with anyone…

WHC Tier 1 Lifetime Memberships are $27 and your WHC Member Card protects you immediately from EMF.  

WHC will be posting videos and providing online seminars on how to tap into our Healing Fields for World Peace and to Help Each Other Activate Our Natural Healing Systems.

The meditators seek to raise a $100 Million for initial expenses and $1 Billion to create an income stream of $60 Million a year to pay 40,000 full time meditators at a cost of $125 per month who are housed at a meditation center/temple in India to meditate non-stop for world peace. 

Our starting point is to use these plus Power of Intention and/or Our Weird & Wonderful Technology:

  • 8,500 people for each hour of the day who will spend a few minutes most days focused on Inner Peace & Healing,
  • Listening to songs on Peace & Freedom,
  • Following Online Energy Healing Guides that are used successfully around the globe,
  • Using breathing exercises,
  • Using our weird and wonderful technology to help us link and heal each other,
  • Using principles of Quantum Entanglement with Power of Intention to Create Blessings for Us All…

Members can use the methodology of their choice from anywhere in the world.

We don’t need 40,000 meditators living in a temple – that isn’t built yet – in India meditating in shifts and who have spent months of time and money to learn a trademarked method of meditation.

They are seeking more donors to contribute $1.1 Billion Dollars to complete their project. The initial plan was to get 1,100 donors to donate $1,000,000 each.

If you have that kind of money and think they’re the most likely to succeed, you may be right.

We are going ahead anyway; because, the telecommunications cartel have 6.8 Billion subscribers. The world population is 7.3 Billion…

The US Government just released a $25 Million dollar study proving that EMF causes cancer… We have links on our site to another 900 categorized studies that prove EMF is harmful…

 900 “Uh Oh!” EMF Studies by Category


Imagine 1% of all cell phone users want protection from EMF radiation… And are willing to Help Us Help Each Other. That’s 680 Million People…  

We don’t need that many; but, the more participants we have, the better for us all… And we can be the spark to:

  • Get more than 1% to participate,
  • Help Us Help & Heal Each Other,
  • Create World Peace,  
  • Release the Blessings of Individual Freedom for Freedom for All,
  • Discover Our Own Ignored Abilities,
  • Unlearn the Propaganda We Have Had Hammered into Us,
  • Discover and Heal Our Blind Spots to Undo Our 1% Promoted Limiting Beliefs,
  • Tame the Monopolies & Cartels by Unleashing Freedom & Competition,
  • Create Abundance for All to Remove Major Sources of Stress & Power Over Others,

Join Us & Help Us… Or Create Your Own Program

World Healing Circles 7.4¢ per day $27 Annual Membership

World Healing Codes Annual Membership 7.4¢ per day = $27 Annual

As you join, look underneath your order in the shopping cart to see an option to purchase another 5 memberships for $35 Total to give/sell/barter. 

Each member registers their membership and activates their cards online through the member link of the person who referred them.

World Healing Circles Tier 3 Membership – 90¢ per day = $27 per Month

Participating Members receive:

  • WHC Membership,
  • Member Card that Transforms EMF & Links to Our Healing Circles,
  • 6 more Memberships with EMF Protection Cards to Gift/Sell/Barter,
  • 1 WHC Medallion that Transforms EMF & Links to Our Healing Circles,
  • Access to Tier 2 Additional Training and Participation in How to Explore and/or Create Your Own Local or International Healing Circles…
  • In Month Six as a bonus: You receive 1 Heart Light that Neutralizes Bad EMF Radiation & Connects to Our Morphic Field of Love In All Its Names with the Light,


So Don’t Miss Out, Join WHC Today!

World Healing Circles Tier 3 Membership – 90¢ per day = $27 per Month